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How to fix a zipper

How to fix a zipper

how to fix a zipper

One of the problems most frequently encountered is the separation slider zippers a number of teeth. To understand how to fix this problem, it's good to know firstly that in bottom zipper is fitted with a metal cap that connects the two parts of it. This cap has the role to stop the cursor exactly at the end of strings of teeth. If the staple is crooked or fall can be a "stop", by sewing the two bands just to end string of teeth. The seam obtained the teeth of two separate strings have very close, so that the zipper slider can not move on.

Regarding reattaching the zipper slider, if one has been removed from strings, is by some pretty simple operations:

It works on the back zipper. With a very sharp tip scissors or tweezers staple loosen the bottom of the zipper.

The cursor moves slightly to the bottom of the zipper teeth out of the string. Carefully, place the cursor in the hole left open string band of teeth separated from it.

If the first two operations were successful, the cursor is drawn at the top of the zipper joining the two rows of teeth. At the bottom is reattached loose staple, with scissors or makes a new "stop" by sewing the two bands.

In case of problems such as bending zipper, lack some teeth in one or both strings or bending them is recommended to replace the zipper with a new one

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How to fix a zipper